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Exercise shouldn’t feel like a punishment, It’s an amazing and empowering reward that complements and improves any lifestyle. The benefits are endless! With my holistic approach to health and fitness I want to positively encourage, engage and equip all women to embrace their strength and build the confidence to focus on what really matters; a healthy, strong and functional body! 
At EMpowerME fitness, whether you are training in a group or one-on-one, you are sure to smash your health and fitness goals and have fun in a safe and positive environment.
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Post natal fitness 

Specialist Post Natal exercise program, Endorsed by local Women’s health physiotherapist, Essential Physiotherapy.This program is now available Online to follow at your own pace.


Pregnancy fitness 

Train safely with a pregnancy exercise specialist.


Group Fitness

From boxfit to postpartum rehabilitation, circuit training to pregnancy exercise. There’s something for any stage of your fitness journey. Babies and children are welcome to attend all my classes. 


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Qualified and Registered Fitness Professional 

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Mum Safe trainer

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Athletic Woman With Kettlebells

Personal Training 

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BOXERCISE® Licenced Trainer

Boxing inspired group fitness or one-one training


Who I Am


I developed a passion for the fitness industry after having gone through extensive injury rehabilitation. The challenges I faced and overcame has shaped me into the person I have become today, and that experience allows me to empathise with and empower my clients with their own goals and support them through the ups and downs that life can throw at us. 

I am a certified pregnancy and post natal fitness coach and have worked with this clientele for 5 years. The journey of motherhood is such a special and vulnerable time for women and I feel very privileged to be able to offer support and share my knowledge to women during their pregnancy and beyond. There’s so much pressure on women to get straight back into fitness, “pre baby body” and to “lose the mum tum” not only can this completely wreck ones self esteem but it’s is so so dangerous to not take post natal exercise with extreme caution. So I’ve taken on this challenge to help change the way new mums are treated and I hope that I can help make a difference - 

I may not change the world, but let’s start with Canterbury! 

I am a mum of 3 children and I totally can relate to the many many MANY challenges of motherhood, it’s a time when one can feel very alone and I love being able to offer some support and be apart of one’s self care plan. Fitness is often one of the things on the bottom of our very long to-do list, and I hope I can help you make it a priority and provide the flexibility that it can become apart of your daily routine so you can reap the rewards that comes with a regular Exercise.

Im so excited to begin my new adventure and I can’t wait to meet you! 

x Em 


It’s a mission

My mission is to Positively encourage all women to find strength and confidence within themselves through a holistic approach to health and fitness, prioritising safety and wellbeing, on their journey to empowerment.


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86 East Street, Ashburton, New Zealand

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